EVEREST 13…. 5-6th August 2017


                                  EVEREST 13

On the weekend of 5-6th August 2017 at Western Gardens, Ryde (The bottom of Union Street) ten of Ryde Fire Station’s firefighters will attempt to climb a distance further than any other group of people ever in history, which will beat a record currently held by the Isle of Man. To do this they will have to climb the equivalent of 13 Mount Everest’s or climbing to outer space within 24 hours, which is Approximately 71 miles, on a 10M high ladder.

The Wight Brainy Bunch will one of the main beneficiaries of this event along with Ryde Fire Station Charity Fund.

To support this event we are selling space on our tower to advertise. If you would like to advertise your business  please get in touch.

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