Blue Light Breakout Winners

Wow what an adventure… Thank you to our amazing emergency service teams who responded to our plea and gave up their days off and holiday to take part in our crazy challenge! Congratulations to Ross and Mark on their win for Team Fire 🔥 travelling a distance of 1,760.55 miles … What a change of events, due to weather conditions that resulted in a roller-coaster of emotions. Mark and Ross made their final destination of Tenerife to a restaurant where he suffered his first seizure in 2014, where we were on holiday… and which proved hugely emotional.
Team Police travelled an incredible 1464.56 miles to Greece and near the border of Turkey and Team Ambulance travelled a huge 1,399.78 miles to Kavala in Greece… However in the spirit of the competition to get as far away as possible, we will credit the achievement of Team Ambulance in reaching the island of Thassos, at which point they were 1,418.47 miles from their starting point of IW Radio and only 46 miles from Team Police.
Thank you all so so much for following our event and supporting our teams and for all your donations.. .. What an incredible achievement and our teams should be incredibly proud.
Special thanks to all the families of our teams who have watched their loved ones on their adventures. Also to all our amazing team sponsors Maher RossNovum Law, and Data Device Corporation who’s generous support will ensure our teams can get home, and our escape drivers Tom Logan , Darren Wray , David Evans/Andy Lee and of course Isle of Wight Radio
Well done to Ross Smallcombe , Mark Grimes , Tom Ramsey , Iain Lane , Lynsey Groves and Alasdair Hay … You have done us so proud 💕🚒🚓🚑
If you would like to still vote you can text FIREIOW POLICEIOW or AMBIOW to 70085 to donate £5.. to donate more please add 10 or 20 on to the code (ie: POLICEIOW10 to 70085)
Thank you all.. you have no idea how much your support means to us