2022 Wight Brainy Bunch Skydive

Wow wow wow.. What a day …. Thank you so so much to all our 22 slightly crazy jumpers who took to the skies on the 10th August to raise funds and awareness of the Wight Brainy Bunch … We had the most perfect sunny day!
For us it really hit home today when we received a call from a lady whose husband was undergoing brain surgery as we waited to jump. She called to thank us for getting their travel and accommodation organised for last night to ensure they were in Southampton for his 7am admission and to tell us that he’d just gone into his 5 hour surgery.
This just reaffirms why our little charity is so important and why we do what we do… The skydives and events are the fun parts… But please never lose sight of the reason!
Thank you all so very very much and huge thanks to Skydive Isle of Wight for accommodating us once again … Anyone up for next year?