Relaunch of HeadSmart 16/01/2017


The wight brainy bunch The Wight Brainy Bunch

HeadSamart is raising national awareness of the common signs and symptoms of a brain tumour in children and young people by equipping parents, the public and healthcare professionals with information they need.

Before the launch of HeadSmart, average diagnosis times for children with brain tumours in the UK was 13 weeks. After publication of the guidelines for healthcare professionals in 2011, this was reduced to 9.1 weeks, most recently this has been reduced down to 6.5 weeks. We will continue to drive change to reduce diagnosis time to under 4 weeks in line with NHS guidelines and other countries around the world.

The wight brainy bunch

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The wight brainy bunch                                                             The wight brainy bunch                                                   Download Signs and symptoms card