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Brain Tumour Charity


 BRIAN – our global brain tumour databank


A brain tumour diagnosis can be devastating. You may find it hard adjusting to your new life. Whether you’re experiencing side effects from treatment, finding it hard to make sense of your brain tumour experience or wondering how to make the decisions that are right for you, it can be difficult to adapt and find your ‘new normal’.


What is BRIAN?

BRIAN (Brain Tumour Information and Analysis Network), designed and led by people living with brain tumour  (adults and children) and their carers, is our free global web-app enabling patients to learn from the experiences of others, make better-informed decisions about the disease and accelerate research to find a cure. BRIAN offers day-to-day strategies, hints and tips to help you move forward.




BRIAN is our free global web-app, designed and led by those affected by brain tumours. BRIAN will enable patients to connect, make better-informed decisions about the disease and treatment options, and help accelerate research to find a cure.



Who should fill in the BRIAN form?

Currently, we are asking for patients with Primary Brain Tumours to give us access to their medical records to help us build BRIAN. So, where possible, the person with the brain tumour should complete the consent form themselves. Only the person with the legal authority to make medical decisions should complete the form. This is usually the patient but can also be parents (if the person is under 16) or someone with lasting/enduring power of attorney for the patient.

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The Brain Tumour Charity are working hard to develop their databank and aim to launch this new App in the autumn this year