Madison’s a Little Princess

On Tuesday 24th September, 11 year old Madison had her beautiful blonde locks chopped off at L.A. Glamour Hair, in order to donate them to the The Little Princess Trust and to raise money for The Wight Brainy Bunch.

” I have wanted to have my hair cut for the little princess trust for a while. But due to dancing on a Cruise ship Last year and Disney Land Paris this year I’ve been unable to. Over the summer at my brothers School there was a boy who was found to have a brain tumour and after speaking to my mum I found out that her boss’s son also has a brain tumour that had come back. Instead of helping one charity I was able to help two. One by raising money for the Wight brainy Bunch and two by donating my hair to the little princess trust. I raised £110″


Thank you so much Madison for your incredible courage and generosity.. such an amazing young lady.